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The ultimate performance optimisation complex designed to maximise energy replenishment, enhance muscle recovery and volumize muscle tissue with a cutting edge German Creatine system.

  • Pack on Muscle
  • Increase Strength
  • Maximise Power

GAT Jet Mass is the ultimate pre, intra or post workout training partner as it helps support recovery from weight training, promotes exercise induced maximum muscle hypertrophy and replenishes electrolyte levels for optimal hydration.

Ensure your body receives the nutrients it needs when it needs it most and consume Jet Mass pre, intra or post workout.

Core Ingredients

Volumizing Matrix

Combining CreaPure Monohydrate Creatine, Arginine and Waxy Maize offers the ultimate 3 phase blend of muscle volumisation. CreaPure Creatine is the most heavily reasearched and efficacious creatine on the market, with a proven track record in improving strength, power and speed. Coupled with Arginine for blood flow enhancement and waxy maize to stimulate insulin release, driving the nutrients into the muscle, the volumizing matrix of Jet Mass will have you looking and feeling muscularly fuller for longer with a notable improvement in strength and power within weeks.

Electrolyte Matrix

Ensuring hydration is maintained is critically important for exercise performance maintenance, as dehydration leads to a poor mind muscle connection, reduced excitatory nerve conductivity and an inhibited performance ability with an added risk of muscular cramps and fatigue.

BCAA + ORAC Support Matrix

BCAAs are the 3 primary muscle-building amino acids found in muscle tissue and have been shown to minimise post-workout muscle soreness as well as delaying fatigue during exercise. Combined with high antioxidant (ORAC) extracts provides the body with a greater ability to fight against free radicals, reducing inflammation and enhancing general well being.

Anti Catabolic Nootropic Matrix

Tyrosine and Alpha GPC aid in mood enhancement by enhancing neurotransmitter release, resulting in heightened brain function. Coupled with additional muscle supporting amino acids, Arginine and Conjugated Linoleic Acid aids in additional nutrient delivery, blood flow and may also prevent greater muscle breakdown in times of stress.

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