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13 lives Dr. Drop BCP-Oil

Discount Active Nutrition

here are over 100 identified cannabinoids in Cannabis Sativa.

BCP is a constituent of the essential oils of numerous spice and food plants and a major component in Cannabis.

Complete CB2 agonist, as opposed to its CBD cousin, which is a partial agonist.

13 Lives Dr. Drop

Appropriately dosed to achieve therapeutic effect.

Achieve relief from the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Cortisol management
  • Depression
  • Adrenal function
  • Acute pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Anti-inflammatory and immune support
  • Aids in stress reduction
  • Cardiovascular and neurological function support
  • Improves skin for a smoother complexion
  • Provides digestion, liver. respiratory and antioxidant support

Contains: (BCP β-Caryophyllene) 600mg/ml



β-caryophyllene (BCP), a potent non-psychoactive cannabinoid and a full agonist of the CB2 (cannabinoid type-2) receptor, while cannabidiol (CBD) is only a partial agonist of CB2. BCP is found in the essential oils of the following plants at (Ahmed et al. 2000; Alma et al. 2007; Bernotienë et al. 2004; Calvo-Irabien et al. 2009; Jirovetz et al.2002; Kaul et al. 2003; Leandro et al. 2012; Prashar et al. 2004; Ormeño et al. 2008; Silva et al. 2004; Singh et al. 2006; Vito & Steinemann 1997):


  • Marijuana flower at 37.5%
  • Capoiba at 35%
  • Malabrathum at 25.3%
  • Basil at 19.8%
  • Clove bud at 19.5%
  • Oregano at 15.7%
  • Hops at 14.5%
  • True cinnamon at 11.1%
  • Ylang-ylang at 10.7%
  • Rosemary at 8.3%
  • Black caraway at 7.8%
  • Lavender at 7.55%
  • Black pepper at 7.29%



The Ki value of a molecule represents its receptor affinity (strength). The smaller theKi the less molecule is needed, thus, the stronger it is. BCP has a mean Ki = 320nM for CB2, while CBD has a Ki = 2860nM for CB2 (Abcam 2019; Gertsch et al. 2008). This means BCP requires approximately 11 times less molecule to activate the CB2 receptor than CBD. BCP activates 100% of the CB2 receptor, while CBD activates approximately only 60% of the CB2. This makes BCP far superior to CBD.

For stress management: Best taken as a split dose throughout the day. Half a dose at midday and other half dose 30 minutes before bed. To enhance sleep:Take the full recommended dose 30 minutes before bed.


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