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Give your body the nutrients needed for optimal hydration and replenishment of nutrients with Amino by Ghost Lifestyle. The combination of essential amino acids, branched-chain amino and electrolytes will provide you with a complete supplement perfect for day and night.

Amino by Ghost Lifestyle will help you stay on top of your hydration with the combination of taurine, organic coconut water powder and electrolytes. After a hard session or even a big day hydrating your body is essential, so you can perform at your peak each and every time.

The full spectrum of essential amino acids will help to repair and rebuild muscles that have been broken down during exercise. Amino by Ghost Lifestyle has everything you need to help replenish the body. When you take Amino by Ghost Lifestyle you'll experience:

  • Less fatigue post-workouts. After a had session, your body is depleted in nutrients and minerals, the combination of electrolytes and EAAs will provide you with the nutrients needed to replenish the body avoiding fatigue post-workout.
  • Reduced muscle soreness. The ratio 2:1:1 of BCAAs will provide you with the right amount of nutrients to help to reduce DOMS. You will be able to get back to the gym sooner and stronger than ever.
  • Enhanced muscle growth and reduced muscle breakdown. You don't want to be training hard and not seeing the results of it, so give your body the nutrients which will help to replenish your body for better muscle growth as well as reduced muscle breakdown.
  • Improved blood flow. This amino supplement has 1g of l-citrulline, which will help the widen arteries for better blood flow and greater nutrient delivery to muscles.
  • Better hydration. After strenuous exercise, your body loses essential minerals and vitamins and replenishing it is necessary for better overall health. This product has add3ed electrolytes to help rehydrate the body, whether before, during or after exercise.
  • A 100% transparent label, you will know each ingredient and its quantity, meaning no blends.

Give your body the nutrients needed for a full recovery and get your hands on Amino by Ghost Lifestyle. You can take Amino before, during and after a session, or can you simply sip through the day. Try it out today

Each scoop of Amino by Ghost Lifestyle has:
  • 5 calories
  • 1g of carbohydrates and 0.5g is sugar.
  • Full spectrum EAAs 2.75g
  • 2.25g of BCAA
  • 1g of Taurine
  • 500mg of Organic Raw Coconut water powder


Mix each scoop with 235ml - 295ml of water or beverage of choice. Vary amount of liquid to taste. Consume during or after exercise on training days or throughout the day as a performance thirst quencher.


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