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ATP Science Gutright Daily Raspberry


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Product Description

Finally, it’s here! A Gutright that’s not only good for your gut but also good for your taste buds. Introducing GUTRIGHT DAILY.

GUTRIGHT Daily is a great tasting Modbiotic formulation made from groups of natural polyphenols.




It’s pretty rare that Gut Supplements taste good. We were pretty aware that while the OG GutRight from ATP Science did absolute wonders for our insides, our gut health and upholding our general wellbeing - it was a tough one to swallow. In classic ATP Science style, leading the market with innovation, ATP Science has solved that problem once and for all. Introducing GutRight Daily - the raspberry flavoured edition of the unique and unbeatable GutRight Modbiotic formulation that actually tastes AMAZING!

  • GutRight Daily follows the same unique mod biotic formulation as GutRight
  • GutRight Daily contains slightly less fibre compared to the original GutRight - simply to make room for the Raspberry flavour! (Specific excluded ingredients listed below!)
  • GutRight Daily now comes in a sweet and refreshing Raspberry flavour, whilst still being 100% naturally flavoured!
  • GutRight Daily is still GMO-free, 100% plant-based, Gluten-free, and contains absolutely nothing artificial & no nasties!


If you feel like your gut isn’t feeling quite right, you’re certainly not alone legends. With the modern western diet becoming increasingly LESS nutrient dense, and our ambitious tendency to push our body to its absolute limits - sometimes important elements of our health get compromised. Which is why ATP Science developed GutRight Daily - to ensure absolutely nothing is compromised. With just a dose a day of GutRight Daily, you can give your gut all the goodness it needs to feel right - every day.

The environment within your gut is incredibly important. We call this your intestinal microbiome - the area responsible for breaking down and absorbing the chemical compounds of the foods we ingest. It plays a huge role in a number of aspects when it comes to looking and feeling healthy. From a strong and well functioning immune system, to healthy energy levels, to a boosted metabolism and positive body image - a lack of healthy gut can undoubtedly cause a huge negative impact.

GutRight Daily aims to address this - and we must admit it does a pretty damn good job. What makes the GutRight range by ATP Science special, is its unique and innovative Modbiotic formula. Never heard of Modbiotics? That's probably because ATP Science pretty much started it. Essentially, a modbiotic is a group of substances which contain polyphenols - which are super effective at causing balance in our microbiome (or gut). Instead of overdosing in one type of bacteria (like we do when taking probiotics) or simply feeding the bad bugs (like we do with probiotics), modbiotics modify our gut. Instead of simply trying to guess what our gut might need and adding the bacteria themselves, Gutright increases the quality of polyphenols to naturally control the diversity and balance of bacteria.

So what’s the difference between Gutright Daily and the Original Gutright? Just like the original, Gutright Daily has been made with no compromises. We have kept in all the polyphenol-rich modbiotics of the original and have taken out some of the fibre to make space for our raspberry goodness. We believe fibre is an easy variable that you can play around with in your everyday diet and add in where you need to. As a result, Gutright Daily does not include: Barley sprout powder (coeliacs rejoice!), Larix Heartwood extract Larch Arabinogalactan, Green banana resistant starch and Glucosamine GG.

The other major chance with GutRight Daily from the Original GutRight comes with the TASTE! GutRight Daily comes in a delicious raspberry flavour - one that is undoubtedly much more easy to swallow and enjoyable to drink. Gutright Daily is flavoured using stevia, beetroot juice powder, natural raspberry flavouring, and Malic acid. So, it’s still 100% natural, and contains all the goodness and important stuff to give your gut the goodness it needs to feel, look and perform at its best, but you get to avoid the unfavourable earthy taste of the Original GutRight and replace it with one you’ll actually enjoy.

Directions for use: Take 5g (1 flat scoop) of Gutright Daily mixed into water.

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