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Body War Nutrition Lean Tea is a tea supplement formula that combines ginseng, guarana, yerba mate, African mango and raspberry ketones to promote weight loss in a natural and healthy way. The tea contains ten energy-boosting ingredients that will get you up and ready for an intense training session at the gym.

Further benefits include kick-starting and maintaining the thermogenic effect in the body that helps in shredding fat fast, giving mental focus to compete when you’re at your best, a delicious combination of flavours to enrich your diet, and breaking the everyday monotony.

To simply put it: Body War Nutrition Lean Tea is an athlete’s preferred blend for any and all upcoming occasions.


Lean Tea is specifically made to improve upon previous fat loss formula blends. The combination of green and white tea extracts work together in unison to improve the metabolic processes in the body and aid in overall well-being. Furthermore, ingredients like African Mango, Panax Ginseng and Guarana are proven time and again to stimulate weight loss at a rapid and healthy rate. Add to that the Yerba Mate – an ingredient known to cleanse the body of toxins – and you’ve touched upon a true winner.

The good thing about Lean Tea is that it can be enjoyed both hot and cold alike. Lean Tea also does not contain any sugar and features only 2 calories per serve. In addition, the product helps regulate appetite and normalizes the digestive processes within the body.

And, Green Tea is known to contain Epigallocatechin gallate (or EGCG in short), a type of catechin that offers numerous perks for the consumer like stimulating the metabolism and improving the immune system of the body. EGCG also helps in battling disease, inflammation and is known to be a powerful antioxidant. When ingested, this compound actively works to burn belly fat quickly and without any known side effects.


Body War Nutrition have gone to great lengths to come up with a formula for a refreshing tea that hydrates the body and provides all necessary nutrients to promote healthy fat loss. They’ve succeeded in combining many exotic, fat-trimming ingredients into one mix of tasty herbal tea powder that is very easy to make and easier to digest.

The ingredients listed not only help in promoting healthy fat loss, but they also have many benefits that would serve you well even after you did your fair share of workout at the gym. For instance, Yerba Mate provides nourishing and rejuvenating effects for all consumers; Guarana reduces both physical and mental fatigue, gives that extra kick while working out or aids in weight loss among many other benefits; Raspberry Ketones are the go-to fruits for trimming fat; African Mango battles against adipose tissue to chisel a lean figure in no time; Panax Ginseng gives mental focus and improves stamina and athletic performance; Resveratrol is a substance that mends the cardiovascular system and reverses aging.

And Grapefruit Seeds help to reduce obesity thanks to its thermogenic effect that it has on the body.   


Green Tea extract – 13.75% Erythritol – 13.75%. Guarana extract – 12.50%. Raspberry ketones – 11.25%. White Tea extract – 10%. Yerba Mate – 10%. African Mango – 7.50%. Flavour – 7.50%. Sucralose – 3.50%. Silica – 2.50%. Achyranthes Aspera seed extract – 2.50%. Citric Acid – 2.50%. Grapefruit Seed extract – 1.25%. Resveratrol extract – 1.00%. Panax Ginseng – (Root extract 30%) 0.50%.

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