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If you want a complete product designed to support your health and fitness goals while ensuring you feel as good as possible, look no further than to the Essential Amino Energy Plus Electrolytes by Optimum Nutrition drink mix.

This product is four-in-one. It gives you superior cognitive focus and alertness, better energy, improved recovery, and helps you stay hydrated. Think of all you can do with your workout sessions and in your day for that matter with this on your side.

When you use Essential Amino Energy Plus Electrolytes By Optimum Nutrition, you'l:
  • Increase cognitive alertness and attention. No more feeling like you're in a slump. You'll feel focused and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.
  • Superior recovery after your workout sessions you'll bounce back faster, allowing you to train in the gym sooner after your sessions are completed
  • Enhanced muscle strength and power during the workout session thanks to the caffeine and branched chain amino acids this product provides
  • Increased levels of hydration, which keep your blood pressure levels regulated, your energy up, and your metabolic rate strong. Even slight level of dehydration can seriously impact sports performance, so this product can remedy that instantly.
  • Metabolic enhancement through Green Coffee Bean Extract. This may just give you an edge on your fat loss goals.
  • Antioxidant support to help reduce the damage to the body caused during intense exercise
  • Increased desire to drink more water on top of actually boosting hydration thanks to the electrolytes this mix contains, because it adds delicious flavour to your water, you'll be more inclined to drink more throughout the day

Whatever your goals or situation is, Essential Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition can help. This product will ensure that you enter into each workout feeling your absolute best and are ready to tackle whatever ahead.

With each scoop, you'll take in:
  • 5 grams of powerful amino acids to give your hard working muscles what they need to recover quickly
  • 10 mg of Green Coffee Bean extract to enhance energy and improve your fat loss results
  • 50 mg of Green Tea Leaf extract, which can help provide antioxidant support and may also help improve energy and fat loss.
  • 100 mg of caffeine, which will jump-start your day, giving you energy coupled with improved strength and power
  • An electrolyte blend consisting of sodium, magnesium and potassium to ensure you are staying well hydrated no matter how hard you're working

Whether you need a boost before your workout or just something to help you get through your day, this product offers it all.


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