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Precision Protein for quick gains!

Gaspari’s team have designed a unique blend of hydrolyzed whey protein that will target the repairing and support of muscle cell repairing ASAP. We give you Precision Protein. Gaspari Nutrition’s Precision Protein is a unique blend of whey that will provide fast and reliable results within every sip before or after your workouts. Protein is the building block of muscle recovery and growth and is a necessity for all athletes! Guarantee yourself a pure and high-quality blend now with Gaspari’s Nutrition’s Precision Protein.

Hydrolyzed protein?

Hydrolyzed protein is when the Protein itself is broken down into smaller peptides to free the amino acid components. This allows for easy and fast digestion within our body to start protein synthesis straight away! This is a fast digestion so every sip of the shake -protein will be traveling to repair that muscle straight away! This is good for the people who love a delicious protein shake STRAIGHT after their workouts and who desire the fastest results!

Leucine within our bodies.

Studies have suggested that increasing Leucine may stimulate muscle protein synthesis, and inhibit protein degradation in skeletal muscle. It is concluded that the role of Leucine is to provide a signal that amino acids are available, which in combination with the signal of energy availability from insulin, stimulates muscle protein synthesis. In other words, EET greatly helps enhance the ability of Precision Protein to offer increased muscle growth that other types cant provide.

The shreds are waiting!

With over 25g of hydrolyzed protein per serving you are guaranteeing yourself not only an awesome blend of whey but also a fantastic taste! Experience new results and push through those PB’s that always blocked your path today with Precision Protein! Become an elite athlete now!

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