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Intra Edge by Scitec Nutrition

Sci Tec Nutrition

Like a cluster bomb, Intra Edge provides 1 big formula of multiple smaller, extremely important ingredients designed to achieve the most effective recovery possible with just one single product.

Based on Cluster Dextrin, Intra Edge utilises one of the highest quality carbohydrates available, which is known as a highly branched cyclic dextrin. Known for its high solubility and low osmolality, highly branched cyclic dextrin provides a rapidly absorbing carbohydrate source with little to no gastric stress.

This means…

  • INCREASED Energy
  • INCREASED Performance
  • INCREASED Recovery

Paired with ingredients responsible for enhancing hydration, improving muscle recovery and increasing performance, Intra Edge is truly a science-backed formula.

Key Ingredients


Utilising the 3 primary muscle building amino acids, BCAA’s (Leucine/Iso-Leucine/Valine) are responsible for turning on muscle growth and enhancing muscle recovery. Consuming BCAA’s during exercise may reduce fatigue due to improved cognition and preventing glycogen depletion, while simultaneously reducing delayed muscle soreness post-exercise.


This 3-way combination works synergistically to improve absorption of electrolytes, enhance muscle hydration and increase osmosis of fluid into the muscle, which provides intense muscle pumps and increased nutrient delivery.

Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD)

HBCD is a low osmotic pressure carbohydrate, with a high affinity for immediate intestinal carbohydrate absorption and immediate gastric emptying.

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