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MusclePharm have designed this heavily researched protein "superfood" in order to build and maintain quality lean muscle mass, whilst fueling fat loss. Protein is the most important "macronutrient" for muscle growth and power and this product seeks to deliver the vital nutrients all trainees need to meet their demands.

Like all MusclePharm products, this premium protein product was created out of their state-of-the-art Sports Science Center and delivers on a number of benefits.

Some key benefits

  • Feeds the muscle building and recovery pathways
  • 25 grams of the high-quality protein blend, in a great tasting, easy-to-mix shake
  • Added "digestive blend" to ease absorption

What's inside combat powder?

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)

WPI is rapidly digested and absorbed.

Partially hydrolysed whey protein

This hydrolysed protein is the king of speed when it comes to proteins it provides a lightning-fast infusion of muscle-growth aminos.

Micellar casein

Micellar casein is a slow-digesting protein that delivers amino acids over a number of hours, which may assist in muscle tissue protection.

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)

This protein concentrate contains "real food" subfractions and is closer to "whole-food" than other whey proteins.

Egg albumin protein

Egg albumin has a high BCAA content and arginine and has been associated with both hormone production and muscle growth.

Added BCAAs and glutamine also fortify the muscle-building and recovery properties of this, our most technologically advanced protein super food available.

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