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Prolific is the answer for those tired of average results, tired of average pre workouts and tired of just being average. Physique Enhancing Science wants your achievements to be Prolific and therfore have designed a pre workout energy drink to deliver!

Prolific contains powerful stimulants and enegy enhancers and also ingredients to promote focus and alertness. Including Creatine, which is often left out of pre trainers assists with power, speed and muscle protein synthesis.

  • Increase Focus and Alertness
  • Increase Strength and Power
  • Increased Vasodilation (Pumps)
  • Increase Energy (without tolerance build up)
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Enhance Fat burning
  • Increases Thermogenesis
  • Elevate Mood, Memory and Cognitive Function
  • Support Detox and reduce inflammation

Take 1 (one) level scoop and mix with 3-400ml of water 20 minutes prior to exercise.

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