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When it comes to a protein snack that is absolutely delicious and taste like real chocolate, enter the world of Protein Candies by Muscle Pharma. This mouth-watering snack tastes like the real deal M&Ms but it's healthier!

You will get a crunchy candy filled with milk chocolate and protein, which will give you 10g of protein per bag. Each chocolate candy contains a blend of pea protein isolate and milk protein concentrate providing you with a high protein content, so you can eat it guilt-free.

Protein Candies by Muscle Pharm is gluten-free and GMO-free so you can rest assured you are having a delicious and healthy snack., perfect for any time of the day.

When you have Protein Candies by Muscle Pharm you'll:
  • Have a snack that is high in protein, which will help to curb cravings as it will make you feel fuller for longer.
  • Support body composition by having a snack that is healthier than most chocolate bars. You will satisfy your sweet teeth with a guilt-free snack.
  • Have a protein snack that is gluten-free and GMO-free.
Each serve (1 bag/57g) of Protein Candies by Muscle Pharm has:
  • 10g of Protein
  • 14g of Fat and 8g is saturated
  • 32g of Carbohydrates and 29g is sugar
  • No gluten or GMO

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