Redcon 1 Double Tap (Fat Burner)


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What Is It: Fat burning pills are such a thing of the past and RedCon1 gets it. Introducing Double Tap Fat Burning Powder that will be your best friend during your next cut. Double Tap tastes great and will help increase your metabolism to promote weight loss.

What Makes This Stuff Great: Each ingredient, from Acetyl L-Carnitine to Dandelion Root and Green Tea will turn on your bodies metabolism into overdrive, burning more calories throughout the day than without. And if you are having issues with cravings or overeating, the additional 2-Aminoisoheptine will crush your appetite leaving you less irritable and grouchy while on your diet. 

Whether you're using this product to shed some added body fat or even use it as your choice of pre-workout it really has a place in every man or woman's supplement protocol. Since it's powder you can mix it easily in water and sip on it all day. That sounds like an all day, fat burning supplement to us.


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