Hip Thrust Pad

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Best for kneeling band and cable hip thrusts, half kneeling cable wood chops and extra range side lying hip raises. It can also be used as a bar pad.


1,Our balance pad can help you practice common exercises such as lunges, push-ups, squats and yoga poses. It is also perfect for balance, flexibility, mobility training and physical therapy.

2,Using this exercise foam pad, which can enhance your workouts, improve your balance, increase your endurance, as well as protect sensitive backs and knees.

3,This durable balance training mat has a water-resistant, smooth, easy-to-clean appearance, it is expected to be more durable than all your previous ones.

4,Our multifunctional balance board has a quick recovery function and is an ideal rehabilitation tool because it can speed up recovery and prevent further injuries, letting you resume your favourite exercise soon.

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