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Xtreme Sports Science - Shred 360 1.5kg

Xtreme Sport Science

XTREME SPORTS SCIENCE is set to revolutionize the supplement industry, by introducing a new range of scientifically formulated products, guaranteed to bring you noticeable results, fast!


By harnessing the latest research in sports nutrition, XTREME SPORTS SCIENCE are able to bring you the perfect blend of the purest, proven and most effective ingredients available on the market.


Our commitment to bringing our customers the most effective and highest quality products, has been the ultimate goal from day one. XTREME SPORTS SCIENCE is here to re-define the science of muscle building and fat loss for the future.


Whatever your goal, XTREME SPORTS SCIENCE has a product that is right for you.


The goal of our experts is simple – RESULTS!

* Rapid Burning Protein 
* Reduces Body Fat
* Decreases Water Retention 
* Supports Appetite Control 
* Boosts Metabolism 
* Helps with Muscle Recovery /Anti Catabolic 
* Gluten Free
* Added daily serve of Omega 3 & 6
* Added daily serve of Multivitamins 
* Low in Carbs & Sugrar 
* High in Protein - 38g


TIMED RELEASE PROTEIN MATRIX The 360 Protein Matrix is ‘timed’, which means an initial flood of amino acids is delivered, followed by a trickle feeding of aminos over the next 8 hours. This means the nutritional effect of this product isn’t just realised after initial consumption, but follows you throughout your day.

GARCINIA CAMBOGIA (HCA) 500mg – has recently received considerable media attention because of its purported effect on weight loss.

RASPBERRY KETONES 200mg – is a natural phenolic compound that is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries.

ACETYL L CARNITINE 300mg – is an acetylated form of L-Carnitine. It is a dietary supplement and naturally occurs in plants and animals.

L CARNITINE L TARTRATE 300mg – L-Carnitine, which is delivered from L-Lysine & Methionine is said to have a positive effect L-Tartrate, which is attached to Carnitine to improve absorption is powerful antioxidant.

AFRICAN MANGO 200mg – filled with antioxidants and minerals, has received media attention through celebrity endorsement
relating to its effects on weight loss.

CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACIDS (CLA) 1000mg – a distinctive Omega-6 fatty acid that has been known to help reduce body fat and increase muscle tone.

360 MULTI VITAMIN : A blend particularly high in Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12. Adequate consumption of these vitamins contribute to normal immune function, the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, normal protein and energy metabolisms, as well as normal functioning of the nervous system.

On top of these specialty, high strength ‘actives’, each serve includes L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine, Psyllium Husk, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean, Chromium Picolate, Chromium, Curcumin, Cayenne and more!


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